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That training is a physical thing, is something that the boys showed this week. First it was JesperT who injured his knee. This made his week a gymweek. Besides strength training being a referee at the trainginggames became his job. Second player with a minor injury was the other Jesper. He’s got his wrist injured during the training on Thursday. Pictures were taken on Friday, but no bones were broken. So he should be back in training on Monday.

The Friday it was Seven a Side time. A small tournament was played. Sean was placed in a team with fellow HPC guests and some French language students. The tournament completed three matches, each of 15 minutes. Furthermore the boys did a recovery training and then it was time for Weekend entertainment. The host Family supprised the boys with a Russian style Braai. Some chicken from Moskou and shaslicks. Things the boys certainly know what to do with. For the Saturday the boys arranged some bicycles. Their goal was to cycle up the hill that was seen from their residence. Unfortunatly the bikes came with no locks, so they left the bikes at the house and went walking. After little more then 30 minutes they arrived at the Hill. After 70 minutes more they reached the top and they were able to have a view over Dublin fair City. During their hike they made some amazing scenic pictures for us back home.

For the last sunday of the month the boys where advised to go to the center of the town and enjoy some live Irish music and local foods. A day of relaxation for the busy week ahead.

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  • Dennis
    (Wed. 4 Dec 2019 )
    Cubs doen het goed!!!!!! Lekker bezig! En de site mag ook wel weer eens bij gespijkerd worden.
  • Richard Bakker
    (Sat. 23 Nov 2019 )
    Hallo,ik ben op zoek naar foto’s en Fair tackles uit de tijd van 1990 t/m 1995,heeft iemand nog wat liggen of is er een archief?
  • test
    (Fri. 22 Nov 2019 )
  • Niek Minderhoud
    (Sun. 23 Sep 2018 )
    Gister 22/9 na wedstrijd junioren kom ik thuis met 1 schoen. De schoen die in de kleedkamer was achtergebleven heeft Tygo meegenomen. Kan Tygo mij aub contacten? Bedankt, Niek
  • Richard Bakker
    (Sat. 23 Dec 2017 )
    Zag een foto voorbij waarop iemand een RCDH beanie op had,zijn die ergens te koop??

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